The Altercation
personal piece
This fluid feels like pain
This stoic mood is all in vain
I reach into the dark
I tear this other me apart
How many years ago
How many deaths I can't let go
My flesh is temporary
My God extrodinary

A man delivered can never make his way in darkness
I know tonight will end
but I won't give this life away again

Cardiff, Stone Sour
Small project i was working on, Zbrush and Cinema 4D for the 3D elements, PS for most of the work. Hair done in PS, had lots of fun with it. Make sure to follow my Twitter for more updates, it might soon appear in ArtisNavi wallpaper section so keep your eyes peeled:)

We all meet someone that we wished we never meet with every conversation ending up in an altercation. Still we stay.
Animated case study - 34 steps :)
3D - Zbrush and Cinema 4D.
See you guys next time and make sure to follow my Twitter :)
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