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Spizak is a creative outlet for London-based artist Adam Spizak. 
Inspired by his favourite works of sci-fi, horror and video games - his work often combines elements of pop culture with surreal and gothic-inspired 3D art. As a self-thought 3D generalist, Spizak is focused on continuously improving and growing his skills with his ultimate goal of pixel perfection.
His adventure with computer graphics goes back to 1996, with a great impression of the early Amiga demo art scene and a passion for storytelling. 
Spizak has continuously made art for over 25 years - working with clients in the movie, video game and arts industries. The clients include Disney, The Grammys, Little Nas X, Formula E, Adobe, MAXON Computer, Cannes Film Festival, Maxim Magazine, Playboy Magazine, Advanced Photoshop Magazine and Origin Protocol.
Contact Adam at, you can also follow his Instagram!
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