Desktopography 2012
The set of two images with a nature theme behind them produced for Pete Harrison. 
The Trespasser
First of two images primarily done as exploration of man vs nature, with a strong emphasis on nature fighting back. A mix of 3D, photography and digital painting. Most of the nature-like elements were made in Cinema4D, so as was the gun parts. Everything then was given a strong overpaint before going to postproduction.
Gun Parts
The Morning Star
The story behind this one is actually pretty funny - the design started as my tattoo idea that i was thinking to produce for myself for a long time. Once i started working on it and the design was done in black n'white i've decided to make a colour version. This somehow came out in a chat with Pete and after that become a poster/wallpaper design.

The initial idea was that image of proud native american, fighting for a lost cause. One thing i was trying to avoid was to paint the character as a guy with a plume. This how the idea of proud, broken spirit lion came to be - a warrior.
Fun fact: the image was painted as black and white for the tattoo design - and it was actually used like this on my own arm! The colour and other elements came after.
Hope you guys enjoyed this and make sure to check out all the new wallpapers at the Desktopography this year, and now… appreciate pls! ;) thanks :)
ps.make sure to follow my twitter as The Morning Star will soon be published as a print + a tee design (DBH, maybe?) :)
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