I've been a huge fan of MK ever since I first played MK1 on my Amiga500 in 1992. Now 24 years later MK is still a staple when it comes to quality in fighting games, what a better way to celebrate that than to create some awesome fan-art and show NetherRealm Studios how much fans appreciate their dedication and passion.

On a technical skills level I was trying to apply my modelling techniques to create some awesome MK mechanicals, but also to learn Octane Render and take the quality of my work to a new level.

Produced: 8 weeks, Zbrush, Cinema 4D, Octane Render, Photoshop
The set of 5 Moral Kombat wallpapers (for each karacter and two for groups) in over 20 sizes for different screens and devices! Download and enjoy for free!
Poster and prints include all the hero shots and more! Make sure to visit my Society 6 shop.
Thanks for watching! Make sure to download wallpapers and get prints here! My Instagram is full of inspirations and other funky stuff!

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