The project started few months ago as fan art and slowley grow bigger and bigger to finally end up as series. First round of five of my fav tv shows and also - first round of prints! I've tried to approach the project as both fan and also what i would think was important from the show's perspetive - the essence. The Essence for me was closely related to music in these shows, a connection become the core of each idea. I encourage listening to tracks below :)
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Breaking Bad - Walter White
Walter was my first choice as well as Breaking Bad being my No.1 show. Not many character go such a big way from where they started. Alexander's song: Truth usted in Ep1 of the 4th season is such a great score that works amazingly with the show and with Walter's journey.

I've seen a million numbered doors on the horizon
Now which is the future you're choosing before you go dying?
I'll tell you about a secret I've been undermining
Every little lie in this world comes from dividing

Say you're my lover, say you're my own, homie
Tilt my chin back, slit my throat
Take a bath in my blood, get to know me
All out of my secrets, all my enemies are turning into my teachers

Because light's blinding, no way dividing
What's yours or mine when everything's shining?
You darkness is shining, my darkness is shining
Have faith in ourselves

Alexander - Truth

The Walking Dead - Rick Grimes
You gotta love how dark Rick got in season 4, just to see him redeem himself by the end of it. Great character in what is one of the best shows on tv contradicting what people think when they think of zombies. Kari Meredyth Kimmel  - Black fit great into The Road feel of the show.
All the people selling truths
On every corner now
The wait until the fear
Has knocked you down

All the rules are changing now
You're living in sin
Everything around you is caving in
All you're holding on to
Slipping like water through your hands
Far off in the distance
Somewhere you can't see
Allegiances have formed your destiny
Opposition all around
Feeding off your soul
Trying hard to swallow up you whole
And the demons all around you waiting
For you to sell your soul

Kari Meredyth Kimmel  - Black

Mad Men - Don Draper
Don is such a deep and complex character that i know people who watch this show just for him and it's hard to argue about that. I loved him from the first episodes when he drives away with the birthday cake. The beatniks scene with Don McLean - Waters of Babylon was what made the tone of the show for me and him as main character: How do you sleep at night? On a bed made of money.
By the waters
The waters of Babylon
We lay down and wept
And wept for, thee Zion
We remember, thee remember
Thee remember, thee Zion

Don McLean - Waters of Babylon
Californication - Hank moody
We just love to see Hank in trouble, but deep down we always hope we will fine and finally get back with Karen. The show was at its best around season 2-4. The natural selection for the track was The Rolling Stones - You can't always get what as it's constant backdrop to what i think is the essence of this show - man being lost.
I saw her today at the reception
A glass of wine in her hand
I knew she would meet her connection
At her feet was a footloose man
No, you can't always get what you want
You can't always get what you want
You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometime you find
You get what you need

Rolling Stones - You can't always get what you want
Dexter - Dexter Morgan
Dexter came such a long way from his dark beginning to just darker place which i guess is hard for a serial killer. ;) Bu t we like Dexter becuase he tries hard to be best version of himself, sometimes dark sometimes comic. Daniel Licht - Hide Your Tears give a great score to make you care.
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